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Does Kinesio tape work?

A common patient question at Core Oxford when we bring out the tape for knee, back, shoulder or Achilles issues is,

- “What is it?”

Quickly followed by,

- “Does it work?”

The short answers are,

- It’s athletic tape with a patterned adhesive weft(the sticky bit on the underside is wiggley).


- It can be effective in changing how the body moves and senses pain. It doesn’t live up to all of the hype out there(This news just in, people selling things might exaggerate the benefits of the things they sell!) but it can be effective as a part of a rehab package.

The very professional picture (!) at the top of this post is my ankle after a Grade 1 calf tear. The pain relief was noticeable and the calf felt pleasantly supported throughout rehab. K Tape doesn’t magically make everything better but I wouldn’t be without it.

To come in and have some pretty tape put on your bad self, give us a call!


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