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3 ways that Osteopathy can help with headaches

As with all conditions we treat at Core Oxford, our main objectives are to get you out of pain, help you understand what’s happening and how we can work together to help you reduce severity and symptoms.

1. The majority of patients seem to come in with a label for the pain they get in their head which doesn’t agree with the signs and symptoms they present with. Going through a full case history and assessment with an osteopath can lead to an improved understanding of what the type of headache (migraine, tension, referred for the neck, trigger point, nutritional, hormonal, cluster etc) you are suffering from actually is and what positive steps you can take charge of after the treatment.

2. One of the most common (and easily treated) reasons for pain in the head are trigger points in the face, jaw, neck or shoulders. The results can be outstanding.

3. Working out how nutritional, hormonal or behavioural triggers affects the patient can take a bit longer but also lead to very satisfactory results.

To find out more, please get in contact.


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