Laser Therapy

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Low-level laser therapy reduces pain and inflammation in the following injuries: 

- Lower back pain

- Shoulder pain 

- Knee pain 

- Plantar Fasciitis

- Sprains and Strains

- Tendonitis

- Ulcers

- Bursitis 

- Osteoarthritis


What problems does Photobiomodulation solve? 

Photobiomodulation reduces inflammation and improves soft tissue repair to provide relief for acute and chronic pain. 

How does Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) work? 

The unique technology enables concurrent pain treatment, quickly and painlessly reducing inflammation and swelling. 

The laser produces two wavelengths of light  focusing on penetrating the skin and passes through superficial tissue to heal and regenerate the tissues.. 

How can laser therapy help me? 

- Low-level last therapy is an advanced form of rehabilitation that is available at only the most specialised pain rehabilitation clinics. It can help you reduce pain and improve the recovery process.

Benefits of laser therapy include: 

- Reduced pain

- Reduced inflammation

- Enhanced recovery time