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3 Ways Osteopathy can help with sports injuries

1. As well as looking globally, osteopathy can be great at finding small fixes to have significant long-term effects. A recent example at Core Oxford was with someone in the Armed Forces with a lower limb injury that had stopped them completing training. We used one simple thing and he was able to walk and run better. What did we use? A finger length piece of tape. That piece of tape changed how the ankle worked and stopped the rest the musculoskeletal system being overloaded.

2. Recurrent injuries can often be treated well by looking at how your body is adapting (or not!) to the strains you’re putting on it as well as working more directly. An evaluation of your total health including sleep, hormonal and nutritional issues can lead to improved training modalities and goals.

3. When you have a long list of niggling injuries, it can be difficult to understand what caused them all and to prioritise their treatment. Working together with an osteopath to understand how your body works when you’re playing sport and how the compensations you have developed due to the injuries affect your body can lead to greater understanding of what the underlying issues are and most importantly, how to overcome them.

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